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photo by Kathi Adamic

SITUATED          copyright 2021 Pichael Maris Music                                     

So I woke up in a different day

So much better than before

Purple valleys and a midnight sun 

And nature at my door


Now I’m walkin' on a different road

Seems better than before

Orange trees and a yellow moon

Moss is hanging and the fruit is swayin'

Hey, situated nicely 

Someplace far away 

Hope u come around 

Hey, need an effin vaca 

Someplace out the way

Hope u come around

I started in a different world

Was bleaker than it’s now

Shades of grey and a darker sky

Was feeling trapped indoors


Now I’m livin in a different time 

Shoulda been born now to begin 

And it’s nice to be right below

The moss that’s hangin and the fruit that’s swayin 

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