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MikelParis (MP) is the O.A.R. keyboardist, solo artist, Stomp alumnus, live-streamer, and filmmaker who has also preformed with artists such as P!nk, Train, Stomp, The Dan Band, and Jewel. In 2007, MP recorded, produced, and released his first album, Flow and in 2013, he recorded, produced, and released his second album, HIHOWAREYA, Vol.1. Beginning in March of 2022, MP started releasing new songs on a regular cadence leading up to three planned album releases in 2023.


Maximizing his creativity and artistry, MP created, produced, and hosted TuneTrek, his history through music docu-series. He's filmed more than 60 episodes in locations across the United States with seven episodes airing on two PBS stations. Season 1 began airing in March 2023. Driven to uniqueness and to showcase his musical style, MP created a performance method called Guitar Drumming, which uses an acoustic guitar for both percussion and string accompaniment to his vocals. Many of his original songs feature this style.


In March 2020, with touring on hiatus due to the global pandemic, MP felt compelled to continue bringing music to his fans, and to continue growing as a creative. He began live streaming A Song A Day (ASAD), an interactive show with a focus on music, drink, and stories. In December 2021, the ASAD live-stream was re-branded as Music. Drink. Stories. (MuDriS) which is still going strong.


In July 2021, MP joined the production staff of Violet Hour Media’s horror podcast, Red Riding Hoods, composing the original score, recording foley, and editing 10 podcast episodes. And then in February of 2022, MP created his production company Zornu Productions as a place for all of his creations to live. ZP Inc is currently in production for numerous projects including MP's HIHOWAREYA Vol 1 Remastered Release Solo Tour Spring '23, TuneTrek Season 1, and The Snidbits Album release.