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Airing nationally on PBS 2018.


TuneTrek explores Historic landmarks while I’m on tour playing music with the band O.A.R and tells the stories of these interesting locations through photography, video, and an original song that I write and perform at each location. It’s entertaining, spontaneous, educational, and has appeal for all ages.

This story published by the Chicago Tribune will give you some real insight to the project. Tribune TuneTrek article 

During the last 4 years, I’ve experimented and evolved the format of the show into what is now a concise, 3-minute video that grabs -- and keeps -- the viewer’s. It’s the perfect length for today’s (sometimes) short attention span and gives the feeling of a music video. TuneTrek will not only reach a home viewing audience but become integrated into a series of learning and educational outlets. Children will be inspired through music to learn about our history and teachers and schools will be encouraged to take field trips to the locations filmed near their schools.

My YouTube Channel has a bunch of sneak peaks from Season 1. Trek it.  TuneTrek YouTube


Day 1:  

House Concert.  

I'll play a private show for you and whomever you want to invite.  Tell some some songs from TuneTrek, "Flow" and my "HIHOWAREYA Vol. 1" albums.   

Day 2:

TuneTrek filming.   

We'll find an historic location near you where you'll be able to tag along on a day of filming.  Maybe carry a tripod and even have a cameo in the episode.  

Please use the form below to receive more details about hosting a HouseTrek.  

Thanks! Message sent.



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